Youth The Leaders of Tomorrow


The youth is known to be a young person especially a young man Election on the other hand is a vote to select the winner of a political office.

The Youth of every Nation to an extend determine the effective growth and Development of their Country through participation and peaceful activities in the political sphere.

The Nigerian Youth for long have been refers to as the Leaders of Tomorrow which entails that every activities that aims at building the Country should revolve around the youth.

The youth therefore,is seen as the foundation upon which the Country transformation and change should be laid on psychological, physically and human capital development.

The Nigerian youth which should be recognize as agent of change and transformation have long been used as measures,tools, thugs, and means by the leaders or politicians for Election manipulation, rigging and distraction.

The youth end up been the victims of all sorts of crimes after all the activities during and after elections.

while the same leaders and politician remain on seat unharmed continue the looting and misappropriation of funds and resources of the Country.

Nigerians once again is set to decide the fate of the Country come 2019 respectively.

With the long acclaimed Youth is the Leaders of Tomorrow I urge every Nigerian Youth to come out in there youthful and active numbers bearing in mind that the future of Nigeria depend on us by voting our conscience.

The Nigerian youth should “Say No To Election Violence In 2019” for ‪#‎Our‬ Lives Are Valuable.

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The youth should create and manifest the Change and Transformation we long in Nigeria by avoiding all sort of Election Rigging, Manipulations and Thuggery.

The Nigerian youth therefore, should remain the agent of peace for which they are know for in order to usher this Transformation and Change in Nigeria in this 2019 Election.

God Bless The Youth!
God Bless Youth !!

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