You Want A Guy With A College Degree?


You want a guy with a college degree?

I swear,most girls out there expect the world from a man and they can’t even offer that man anything themselves.

So you want a guy who has his shit together? You want a guy who drives a nice car? You want a guy who makes a lot of money?

You want a guy with a college degree? You want a guy to beable to give you whatever you want? That’s cool.But tell me,do you have your shit together? Do you have a nice car of your own? Do you make a lot of money? Do you have your own college degree? Do you have what it takes to give a man everything he wants?

You want a man who has everything figured out in life,but do you have everything figured out in life? You want a man who has goals and ambition,but where are your goals and where is your ambition? If you’re able to match him in all of those things or some of those things,then that’s great. But if you can’t, then don’t expect anything out of a man if you’re unable to offer him that very same thing.

I’m just a freethinker
~Alex Anthony~

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