The Inside – Attraction


The greater part of your attractive the part that draws or attracts other people to you is on the inside,not on your flesh.

Our generation is one that spends millions of naira just to fix up something that doesnt really matter all that much.

You spend hours at beauty salons and malls just to acquire and create things you think you draw other people to u,but you still end up with very little drawing power.

What you create or design on the outside of yourself may turn a head or two,but it is powerless to turn a mind or a heart.

This is one reason we have our celebrities and society women in endless search for true love.People get attracted to them just because they turned their heads,not their hearts.

Is anything wrong with them? There may not be anything wrong with them,but they are definitely doing something wrong.

The average woman is not too knowledgeable when it comes to true beauty.

Women spend thousands of naira and sometimes their monthly salary on good earrings,make-up,red carpet dresses,lace wigs and Brazilian hairs.

Sadly,their will make no real investment to build up or support those inner qualities that truly attract others to you.

How many women spend money to attend conferences and workshops?

How many spend money to buy newspapers and biographies?

How many still share some quiet time with the real source of their beauty and grace?

How long will ur money go just into beauty and fashion?

How long are you going to spend money for red carpets and aso-ebi?

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Like I said earlier,you do these things to get heads to turn;yes,heads turn,but definitely not hearts.

If you are only concerned with what you look like,you are going to be a very shallow,superficial person.

People are going to find that once they have quit playing with you,the box you came in was beautifully wrapped,but empty.

Have you wondered why that your friend gets attracted to the right people even when you are more beautiful outwardly? The answer is simple;she is more beautiful on the inside.

Have you wondered why you have real men not gigolos running after that widow or divorced single mother with seven children while you have no man to call your husband?

My dear,the answer is simple;your outward beauty alone will win them for a while,but never forever.

Go back to the real source of your attractiveness-the Holy Spirit of God.He is the one who woos and wins the hearts.

When you are His woman,He will draw you to the right people for the right purposes at just the right time.

He will keep every Casanova away from you and even when they try to have their way,He will expose them before they get you hurt.


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