Stunning 'The Beautiful ‘Nechéndo Collection’ By Nigeria’s MXDN


If you a fashion freak, i greatly believe that “The Beautiful ‘Nechéndo Collection” will blow your mind.

MXDN brand was officially launched on the 15th of April 2016 by a Nigerian designer Cynthia Madonna Orji.
It’s more of a modern brand that includes luxury and contemporary pret a porter pieces of clothing which includes the combination of prints, patterns and fabrics.

Nechéndo collection is named after her late dad and that is where the whole inspiration came from, the whole vintage fashion while bringing a modern twist to it.

Check collections Below:

mxdn-Nechéndo-collectio-1-287x430 mxdn-Nechéndo-collectio-2-287x430 mxdn-Nechéndo-collectio-3-287x430 mxdn-Nechéndo-collectio-4-287x430 mxdn-Nechéndo-collectio-5-287x430 mxdn-Nechéndo-collectio-6-287x430 mxdn-Nechéndo-collectio-7-287x430 mxdn-Nechéndo-collectio-8-287x430 mxdn-Nechéndo-collectio-9-287x430

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