You Need: Better Company By Patrick Anyom

But seek first His kingdom and its righteousness and all these things (Wealth, riches) will be given to you as well” (Matt. 6:33).


My attempt in this book to draw attention to this principle is based on my conviction that the church of Christ has negated this very corner stone principle in the drive for the kingdom.

Just like Jesus focused on the cross without minding what happened to his body, the church of God is supposed to undermine the pleasures of this world as sacrifice for the kingdom.  But it looks like the church wants to thrump up the pleasures of this world in her race for the kingdom as a sign of sonship to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Some, are even quick to point out that the son of a king cannot be poor so the huge rush for prosperity continues to increase in pace while the virtues of righteousness and holiness have continued to suffer miserably.

The book attempts to unearth some of the wrong approaches and practices of Christian life at both congressional and individual levels and poses key questions as food for thought for readers.

My conviction is, you cannot teach 1, 2, 3 and expect your student to come up with the ABC.  Some of the posters include; did Jesus eat bread before He gave His disciples?  Is poverty lack of faith? How can the poor amongst us trust the brotherhood of Jesus if the rich among us cannot help them? Etc etc.

The book has specifically dealt with sensitive issues as divorce, freedom, loneliness, service of God, the blood of Jesus and blood ties, how to seek God, self, the story of the church and other important issues.

The book therefore is my vision and understanding of the Word of God passed in a comment for my generation and posterity as Jesus tarries.

By Bro. Patrick Anyom
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