KU GUSA ENTERTAINMENT hereby Officially release the most anticipated album of the year by its front line artiste Hashim Zamah Neh today Thursday 15th December 2016.

Hashimu Hamza popularly known as Hashim Zamah-Neh, Yaro mai buta is a Music producer, Video director, journalist by profession and currently the Chief Executive Officer of KU GUSA ENTERTAINMENT. The label which recently signed two new artist;JESPEN & Anas Flexy is set to build its empire accross the music entertainment circle of Nigria.

RUWAN BUTA ALBUM is a 20 tracks hiphop album which has Six tracks off the album were released as singles early of months of febuary 2016 and lasted to November 2016.

Download Album below:

1. DOWNLOAD: Hashim Zamah Neh - SHEY U WAN TRY (817 downloads)

2. DOWNLOAD: Hashim Zamah Neh - With A Hit (374 downloads)

3. DOWNLOAD: Ruwan Buta (645 downloads)

4. DOWNLOAD: On Top Of The Game (243 downloads)

5. DOWNLOAD: Mu Karane (521 downloads)

6. DOWNLOAD: Mama (Prod by Sir Jex) (167 downloads)

7. DOWNLOAD: Na We Get The Town (201 downloads)

8. DOWNLOAD: I Love You (321 downloads)

9. DOWNLOAD: Letter to mr President (333 downloads)

10. DOWNLOAD: You Got Me Singing (217 downloads)

11. DOWNLOAD: Iyawane (Prod By Zumarecord) (262 downloads)

12. DOWNLOAD: For You Feat. Sir Jekz Money (163 downloads)

13. DOWNLOAD: Ku Gusa Soldiers Ft. Jespen & Anas Flexy (304 downloads)

14. DOWNLOAD: Bakunle (141 downloads)

15. DOWNLOAD: Yan Hanunna (472 downloads)

16. DOWNLOAD: Amin (251 downloads)

17. DOWNLOAD: Zamani (383 downloads)

18. DOWNLOAD: Kai Gyara (296 downloads)

19. DOWNLOAD: Beef (Classiq Diss) (494 downloads)

20. DOWNLOAD: Tintini Chan Nafada (Mixed by Newsreel Records) (264 downloads)


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