The Fiery Series Editorial By Phloshop

The art in a portrait actually begins with the photographer; in their ability to draw out and simultaneously capture the strengths and weaknesses of the subject.

A great portrait has the subjects engaged and involved in its creation and the “Fiery Series” is no exception. It portrays how multi-hued, dynamic and resourceful the African woman is and can be.

Influenced by the melanated skin of the African woman, the Editorial team seeks to provoke a positive attitude towards her and to bridge the gap between foreign and indigenous by clothing her in exotic apparel, introducing colors that compliments a skin awash with melanin. Shooting without makeup to show the natural beauty of the black African woman. This is achieved with dynamism; by the addition of smoke and motion with a hint of strength coupled with sexiness.

Inspired by how the modern African woman is passionate about everything she loves, as well as her disgust in being stepped upon, disregarded and considered a weak vessel, the team wanted to show a new African woman, a fiery African woman, who burns with hatred for negativity and a desire to succeed against all odds. As such, the editorial team took on a seasoned and discerned approach to their creative work philosophy which resulted in a timeless, elegant and understated yet expressive style of photography.

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Atitsogbui (Studio and BTS,
William Quartey (Support,
Shadrach Junie Annang (Photographer
Joseph Amoateng (Photographer and Retoucher
Yvonne Opoku Minta (Editor,
Naa Lamiley (Model)

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