Falling In Love With Mali's Fabulous Fashion Shoot ‘Les Indomptables’


A Magical set fashion shoots put together by forefront of Malian fashion designers. ‘Les Indomptables’ is a beautiful editorial set amongst the ancient walls of Mali and a horse stable. The Editorial tells a story of two beautiful and fierce women at peace with their vicinity. With clothes by Mali’s most popular fashion designer Mariah Bocoum

Models Mah Coulibaly & Fathy Diarra are beautifully captured by Coralie Rabadan in clothes by Mali’s most popular fashion designer Mariah Bocoum. Enjoy the images below!Les-Indomptables-mali-fashion-photoshoot-african-fashion-1 Les-Indomptables-mali-fashion-photoshoot-african-fashion-2 Les-Indomptables-mali-fashion-photoshoot-african-fashion-3-287x430 Les-Indomptables-mali-fashion-photoshoot-african-fashion-4-287x430 Les-Indomptables-mali-fashion-photoshoot-african-fashion-5 Les-Indomptables-mali-fashion-photoshoot-african-fashion-6 Les-Indomptables-mali-fashion-photoshoot-african-fashion-7 Les-Indomptables-mali-fashion-photoshoot-african-fashion-696x434

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