DOWNLOAD AUDIO: Dr. Kambs - The name, Jesus!

Dr.kambs is a gifted young physician and gospel musician.
He is a passionate worship leader with unique voice whose songs have ministered to many and their wordings continue to resonate in the deepest recesses of their hearts. In this song – THE NAME, JESUS he sings about our redemption and justification through death and resurrection of the lord Jesus Christ and the wonders of his name in the life of those who believe.


Hei  c’mon

Verse 1:
The enemy came whispering to me……

Accusing me of being a prisoner

He pointed at my frailties and my
mistakes in the past

He was trying to sow a seed of unbelief…….

But I said the blood of Jesus, has washed away my sins , there’s no more condemnation for those who are in the lord, we are washed and redeemed by his blood…
By… His blood…..

When he heard these words of mine he was wounded and annoyed, he roared like a lion ready to devour,  then I called the name of Jesus….
He vanished, never to return…..

There is Power in the name of Jesus
There is victory in the name of Jesus
There’s deliverance in the name of Jesus
There is life in the name of the lord….

Yes he died for me, he did shed his blood
He lives again, my redemption is complete…
Am not a prisoner, am Justified and glorified before the throne of Grace….

Now I live. I’m a winner man…
B’cos I know Jesus…….

Chorus: repeat Chorus to fade off.

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