Dating A Lady Who Is Older Or Younger Than You Does NOT Really Matter


Dating a lady who is older or younger than you does NOT really matter. Go for it. Mostly,some Nigerians ladies still think that the man must be older that is logically dubious.

What matters most is maturity in all actions.And some ladies define maturity in terms of money,which is greedy and wrong.

I will explain.

Some men are 24,but act maturely than some men who are 40. Likewise some women who are 22 but are ready to settle down even before some ladies who hit 35 but still demand money from Indian hem, or hair sorry. Or facial foundation,and not land to start up a foundation.

In fact I discourage a 10 year gap between couples. That is gross exaggeration. Imagine a lady, 24,marrying a man, 40. That is greed.

The reasoning cannot be the same Communication cannot flow.the lady would always have a complex and still see you like a father and not that play mate.

If the man is 60, the lady would be 45. So who would sexually satisfy such a lady? You at 60? Perhaps that encourages heart attacks for men at that age seeing someone take over your own business.

What I always suggest is an age difference of maximum five years. Getting your age mate is best,if you guys are mature enough.

Communication is key. Age together, and transition into sexual inactivity together. By the way, such couple of same age or age group always look BEST together young, handsome,beautiful and prospective.

Debate wisely.

I am only a freethinker So don’t judge.

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