Can U Marry Someone Against The Will Of Your Parents?


By: Alex Anthony
A friend of mine got himself in a messy situation, his parent wants him to marry any of his cousins and the guy did not like that idea, so he decided to impregnate the lady he loves, the girl is already pregnant for him but the parents still insist that they will not allow him to marry the girl just because they are not from the same town, though they speak the same language and are from the same religion.

If you are in this guy’s position, will you go against the will of your parents and marry the one you love or tell the girl to understand and marry the person your parents want you to marry?

If you are the father/mother of this guy will you allow your son to marry someone against your will?

Another thing that is complicating this situation is the pregnancy as the guy’s religion and culture is not in support of sex before marriage.

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