Born in Tyler Texas on April 16th 1984, Brandon Keith McCowan is  the third child of 4. At age 7 his grandfather introduced him to R&B music through listening to Bobby Blue Bland, James Brown, and BB king. While constantly mimicking those artists sounds around the house, he began to gain interest in singing. So at age 10 he joined a choir. Thereafter, he began entering school talent shows and making great success at them. He would perform songs ranging from Luther Vandross, Micheal Jackson, and Al green to, Tyrese and Usher.

Brandon was introduced to poetry in 6th grade by his English teacher Mrs. Gideon. As he got older, his interest in poetry and his writing strengthened and was more structured. He credits his high school teacher Ms McKeller for making his writing come alive. She introduced him to numerous elements of writing. That knowledge sparked a great interest in him to the point where writing was all he would do for many days at a time. He was branded the name “The Poet” by his piers because he would write poetry in-between classes, after football practice, before bed and when he woke up. He would also sing everyday at lunch time with a group of friends.

The hardships of life had pushed him away from his aspirations of becoming a singer/songwriter. However, he has been reacquainted with his first loves(singing and poetry) and is now blowing up every spot he steps foot in with his signature style of songwriting/poetry and performance. With reassurance from his community, close family and friends Brandon Beal, JaCorey Bishop and others who have known him, along with Hyrize Entertainment and self marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Youtube, he is well on his way with no looking back.

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Here recently Brandon Keith has stepped into the acting world by landing the role of Detric’ Williams in Michael Green’s Mike GG Peoductions new feature film Bruthas 321 which will be out next year. Look for Brandon in more roles next year as he takes on the acting/film world.