“They Betrayed You And In The End They Broke Your Fragile Heart…” – Anthony


You loved and cared about them, you could be there for them, you could sacrifice anything you had for them, you could risk your life in many things just because of them, you could tolerate their bullshit, you dealt with their flaws, you were so patient to them and you could always forgive them whenever they did you wrong.

But still they weren’t contented with your love, they took it for granted,they didn’t give you their whole, they betrayed you and in the end they broke your fragile heart & left you with pain.

Because of the too much love you had for them, you fought to keep them around no matter how your heart was damaged, but still they left. You never wanted to lose them, you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them but they weren’t ready. they didn’t think twice in their decision they comfortably & confidently left you.

You went through a painful situation to heal your heart.You could not sleep, you could always think about the wonderful moments you shared together, you could miss them & you could be in temptations of picking up your phone to call or text them just to know how they were coping up without you in their life. But you were so strong & you didn’t contact them.

It took you time to get over them, but with the help of your friends, family & God you made it.Now that you so happy, you’re healthy & stress-free, you are enjoying your life to the fullest, but recently you just got a call & a text from them that they madly miss you, that they are so sorry for what they did to you and they badly need you back in their life! You are now confused about what to do.

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Because you shared a lot with them, you kind of want to take them back. But seriously are they really worth it? Are they worth your heart or a second chance? Have they really changed? Are they going to love you for real? Aren’t they coming back to hurt you the more?

Do they really miss you & love you like the way they say it? If they really do, then why did they leave you in the first place? Why did they divide the too much love you had for them?

Why did they take your love for granted? Don’t you think that they saw that the other person they had moved in with or they were trying to relate with was better than you? Now what happened? They were blinded? They were used and dumped? They found them to be worse than you? What’s it? Are you the one to fix their bullshit now?

Come on, think twice before you take back your ex.Remember you broke up with them for a reason. So don’t be blinded Okay? Open your eyes, protect your heart & close your legs.

I am only a freethinker

By Alex Anthony


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