Jonathan Watson also known as Chevron Shawty hails from Huntsville, Alabama and is a very gifted rapper/songwriter who has a conscious yet gritty approach to his craft. Chevron $hawty chooses to focus more on the realness of the human conditions of life without privileges. You can hear this in the many songs that Chevron $hawty has ghost written for in the Huntsville Alabama area and throughout the whole South. Chevron $hawty broke onto the music scene in 2004 with a very powerful campaign!


(Live From The Grow House) will be available January 1st !!! Special Thanks to Need Promo, Corri Hartman, Lady J Bookums, Jennifer Gonzalez The PR, HoodboundTV, Dj Sound, DjKen, Hood Kashro. Special Thanks to and Marc Hugh on Graphics for the cover art for Live From The Grow House(This project is dedicated to John Austin) a Loving Friend and management. Rest in Peace
 Connect With Chevron $hawty:
Facebook: ChevronShawyShows
Twitter: @ChevronShawty74
Instagram: @ChevronShawty747

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