Ballership Exclusive set to premier EMS first single “Ladder”| (@BallershipEnt)


Ballership Exclusive is an entertainment label owned by Emmanuel Mmerichukwu, which is currently being managed by Joshua Ekeledo (SlimJoe).

They have two signed artistes; Mark Owi Abraham popularly known as ‘Mark Owi’ is an RnB singer and he has enough humor for raps.
Ikyobo Daniel who is known in the music industry as ‘EMS’ is a rapper and he has been doing greatly while serving his fans with hot lyrical punchlines.

Mark Owi and EMS are undergraduates from benue state university, they both hail from Benue State, Nigeria.

Ballership Exclusive official visit to the commissioner of police delta state in anticipation of EMS new single titled “Ladder”.

Ballership Exclusive is giving out free airtime to the public for just re-posting their post as they are set to release the single of their artiste EMS titled “Ladder”:

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Kindly tag @ballershipexclusive @ballershipboss when you re-post.

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