Khaleef, a Borno state craftsman who examined humanism and humanities in the college of Maiduguri is one of the noticeable rising stars from the North. An extremely energetic and capable craftsman, he’s a fantasy chaser who is known to be a determined worker and a keen hard worker. On this track, he abounds up with one of the best rappers at any point to originate from the North; B.O.C, and the legendary underground northern beat maker (and kindred classmate) vondbeatz to convey a message about the battle in the city.

The three demonstrations convey intense and persuading verses while vondbeatz seals it with a perplexing snare. As usual, the melody is marvelously delivered by the unrivaled vondbeatz.

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DOWNLOAD AUDIO: Khaleef Ft. B.O.C & Vond – Hustle (268 downloads)


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