Five Nights At Freddy’s by Nonsenze, is a Hip-Hop/Nerdcore melody roused by the computer game “Five Nights at Freddy’s.The diversion happens in an old anecdotal pizza eatery called “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza’, where the player must go about as night security monitor, safeguarding themselves from the breaking down animatronic characters by following their development through the offices surveillance cameras.

This record is only one of numerous special and inventive computer game propelled Hip-Hop tunes off of Nonsenz’s new “GameDork: Eat Sleep Kill Robots and GameDork: Eat Sleep Kill Zombies Mixtapes (Available On SoundCloud/Itunes/Spotify/Tidal/Pandora/GooglePlay and more. As a HipHop Producer/Artist//Writer/in-your-face Geek and Gamer, Nonsenze otherwise known as Dork Geniuz figures out how to join fans and significant others of both Hip-Hop music and Geek culture.With tunes like F.N.A.F, Nonsenze intends to move new and old craftsman to reevaluate themselves and think outside about the container.


This tune is additionally accessible for synchronize permitting by means of Songtradr/Tuncore/and Cdbaby

Twitter: 2nonsenzemusic
Facebook: @nonsenzeisdorkgeniuz


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