Amelia Payne – “Down”


Amelia Payne is a  19-year-old Bajan native, who comes through with a brand new single called “Down” which is an effective, clear perfect work of art bound with Caribbean feelings and an alluringly dim sound. Detonating with an unfalteringly god-like theme and driven by a convincing, sleep inducing tone, it’s an aggressive articulation of plan that puts Amelia on an unmistakable way to turning into fly’s next leader.

Delivered in London by Simon Brown, the track was composed by Payne herself; coming as the brilliant result of a devotion to songwriting since she was a simple 14-years of age.

Conceived in Barbados, Payne and her family then moved to Miami where she would put in the following 8 years before coming back to her origination. Singing, moving and acting from as right on time as 7-years of age, it ended up noticeably evident that singing was Amelia’s obsession; she sung constantly and even got stuck in an unfortunate situation for singing so anyone can hear in class. Once back in Barbados Amelia began vocal preparing and started considering her art important. Amazingly Amelia recorded her first track at only 13-years old, and those early looks of Amelia’s ability prompt spots on Bajan TV and radio.

Having sharpened her songwriting capacity all through her high school years, Amelia’s pathway has been an unavoidable reality from an early age. The UK would in the long run make its blemish on Amelia when she moved to London with a specific end goal to go to school. Payne brought her crude, huge ability with her.

Presently situated in London full time, Amelia has been composing and delivering her expected EP. Lead by ‘Down’, it flags the ideal opportunity for Amelia to get through and, thus, make her blemish on the UK, a nation whose different music scene has enthralled her for as far back as 3 years.

While her virtuoso ability may separate her, it’s Amelia’s unimaginable skill for huge infectious pop snares, her faultless conveyance and the reliable trust in both that denote her out as pop’s new distinct advantage.

Tune in to the track beneath!


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