Senegalese Designer Sophie Zinga comes through with a brand new collection, ‘Hibiscus’. The collection is inspired by the flower native to the designer, as well as the hibiscus flower’s socioeconomic impact on Senegal and in countries in the Caribbean.

There is a widely popular drink called bissap, which is made from the hibiscus flower,” Zinga says. “Bissap is a national drink which is widely offered during the most important ceremonies in Senegal and has medicinal virtues. The hibiscus is widely referenced in the collection in terms of its vivid colors and its texture.

For Ngala, her inspiration from the photography angle came from Zinga’s exquisite designs and how her creativity and effort shines through the collection. “She already had a strong vision for the vibe she wanted in the images,” Ngala says.

See images below.

Location: Dakar, Senegal
Photography: Florence Ngala
Models: Aminata Faye, Aicha Gueye
Creative Director: Sophie Zinga
Makeup: Aida Ndiaye


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