New Alert (Video): MTE – My N*ggas | Prod By SavageDaFool


The video was shot in Donalsonville Georgia by Fresh Shot Films. The video setting was Ridge St/Stern Ave, that’s where all of us grew up at. The song “My Niggas” came to me because at the time I was overwhelmed with how hard my team had been working and I just wanted to show my appreciation to my team, every word I said in this song was from the heart! When Savage first let us hear the beat I immediately hopped on it. Originally that’s not what the song was going to be about but I just knew what direction I wanted to go with the song so I hopped on it and the whole team was feeling it so we just ran with it. The song “My Niggas” to me means let’s come together and let’s support each other and stand behind each other because as long as there’s so much hate towards each other no other race will respect us. “My Niggas” means love to me, it means “yeah this my brother and I’ll die before I let anyone hurt him” MTE is a family based label, everyone is related to each other or they grew up with us. I have to consider you family for you to even be considered MTE. We’re of a different breed than most people. We’re solid we believe in unity, love, and peace even though we will turn all the way up if we have to because we really with the sh*ts but we try to overlook negativity because at the end of the day we have dreams to chase and the best solution when it comes to negative people and haters is simple, succeed. It drives your haters crazy, just be great… that’s the best revenge”

LiL Chop


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