Nigerian fast growing singer, songwriter, makeup artiste, stylist and photographer Grace Yakubu was born on the 19th of November in the early 90s.

The beautiful photographer who was born into the family of four hails from the north eastern part of the country precisely, Adamawa State.

Growing up in a musically oriented home left her with no choice but to develop and share her artistry with the people around her. Popularly called as Baby C in the early 2000s, she at the age of 10 practically kick start her musical life with her then popular hit “In The Rain“, in the Sparklyn Stars Studio  owned by her elder who is now one of the most sorted producer in the North.

The Songstress after obtaining her Bachelors Degree from the Adamawa State University enjoined the Makeup and Photography business.  When asked, she said;

“Since, I have passion for it, then why cant i try it”.

No doubt Grace Yakubu is doing great in that field. She continued to show her interest in the makeup and photography circle and eventually registered her own brand, now known “Tilas Beauty and Photography

Try her and see the results!

See Exclusive Birthday Photos Below:

gown1 gown2 gown3 gown4 gown5 gown6 gown7 gown8 gown9 gown10 gown11 gown12 gown13 gown14 gown15 gown16 gown17 gown18 gown19 gown20 gown21 gown22 gown23 gown24

Photography: Ibrahim Yakubu
Make-Up: Grace Yakubu
Studio: Tilas Beauty and Photography”


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