Jah Bwai shares an inspirational story of his life and his music career and we believe it would inspire young talents. Read below:

When I started learning how to be a music producer around 2002/2003 was hell for me, not because i was a bad person but because many people didn’t believe in me which some said i was gonna be a bad boy and on that case it will put my dad’s name in shame for being a pastor. I was rejected and i told myself i was gonna do it, then I started learning how to play piano spending 18hrs in church doing it all alone also I dedicated myself in listening to alot of music and try to score some notes.

I still remember how I would borrow CD ONE LOADER popularly known as of then and take it to church and record all the sound tracks I made through YAMAHA PIANO PSR550 those who know me then I was good in football but because of the love for music i lost focus and my then coach drove me out of the field and that was the end of my football career. I would go wash clothes for money, cut grass which i was been paid N1500 per month and when I’m done I would hit back to church. Many laughed at me and also don’t forget i came from a thug area where you gotta be a gangster to survive for those who know MALALI very well will tell how we survive either religious crisis or gang clash.

Luckily for me i was mentored by these two people who till my dying days I will ever be grateful to them:
First is Shepe Daniel Ibrahim this is one guy who I’ve got him into trouble several times and he still stood by me, he put me through music and thought me how to play piano more, he picked me from the street one night he met me singing near my house and he was like i would like you to come to our band rehearsals and that was it after some months I was leading the church band, always making sure I was growing. To surprise you I made it impossible for him  to invite people to his house because i was always in his house and he wouldn’t ask me to move out instead he would set up a meeting else where just for me to be comfortable please tell me how many people in this world would do that for you?

He would get mad at me and call me names but later call me up in fact I’ve never tasked anyone for money like the way I’ve tasked this man? to a point he would walk to my house  with Akara and pap as early as 6am  just for us to eat together omo that guy like akara sha? and the most amazing thing is till date he still look after me and give me his advice as a brother. Sir I will forever thank you for giving me life in music.

Second person DanHausawa this is one guy when i was in a boarding school for 6yrs I was hearing his stories this is one man if we talking about receiving bullets for people he has received a lot of bullets for artiste who later stabs him but he never for a day say never. After my whole frustration and love for music production that nothing was working out I made a bold step to meet him and couple of people I talked to them about meeting him warned me that I might end up embarrassed but i told myself so be it if that’s the case, I went to his studio then located at AP feeling station in MALALI to my greatest surprised he welcomed me though it wasn’t like cool welcome but after i spoke with him about my life and love for music his first word was “DON’T GIVE UP AND NEVER DEPEND ON ANYONE”

It was like someone told me wake up DANIEL!!! He then asked me to play anything on YAMAHA PSR2000, don’t forget i only know about 550 and seeing 2000 was Like heaven to me and i couldn’t play shit because i was shaking and didn’t know how to operate it hahahaha he smiled and say don’t worry we will talk more and i left and since then he called me over to his studio more than 4times for us to work but i turned it down not because I didn’t want to but because of my past experience with him and i was scared that i might mess my whole life up still he kept calling me advising me and for those who know DH very well if you like be the president of Nigeria he would never let you enter his room for a second that was his policy and no one break it but i was this lucky rat who goes in and out of it he kept following me up and In 2014/15 I won best producer of the year TESA he was the first to stand up to clap after the whole award night he still picked me in his car and drop me where I lodged, even when i was in Lagos with Baseline music he calls to know and tried to hook up with me all the time, that’s what i call father love i wanna say thank you boss and happy married life to you after looking at this photo imagining a life with a wife who care about you and what you do also your number one fan then I’m lost of how to tell you how lucky you are God bless you bless your marriage and whatever you guys do blessings is all i wish you guys. Always remember people who helped in making who you are today and i know there alot of others but I wanna say to this two people that…

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!

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