Leading South African apparel store, FAFA creations has finally launched in Ghana.
The brand with presence in high end markets across Africa, set the pace for modern Pan-African fashion when it took turn on the runway of the 2016 Accra Fashion Week event which took place over the weekend.

The brand which caters for both African women and men is currently in Ghana to provide abundant African clothing and accessories with ambitious intents of becoming a central hub of shopping activity for local African populations and others who enjoy wearing African apparels.

With a dynamic team, led by its Founder &CEO, Tanya Kagnaguine, the brand symbolizes the beauty for the African continent as displayed in various outfits for both men and women at the just ended fashion week in Accra which was coupled with exhibitions by FAFA creations.
Ghanaians show of love for the brand also saw it among the top trends on social media especially twitter making it already one of the most influential new fashion brands in Ghana.

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