Always Getting Lonely At Night At Night?


Most People Are SINGLE and majority are Reading this update, just know you’re not in this alone. I know what you’re going through and how you’re feeling.You make yourself busy with other stuffs but it always get lonely at night.

You get bored. No one to call on you, no one to send you a GOOD NIGHT sweet messages and You Get yourself addicted to Facebook, Twitter and other social sites to kill boredom.

After that you go to bed Then memories of that person you use to LOVE or Still IN LOVE with runs on your mind, you wish to rewind them but u cant coz that person maybe with someone else and he or she is happy, smiling when deep down your hurting. Doesn’t It?

What makes you more bored is when WEEKENDS is here, you Got free time but no one special to hang out with. Then there these friends of yours who always invite you on parties to give them company and for you to have some fun but you tend feel out of place when you get there.

You feel left out when your friends are having fun with their partners. Then you start pondering about many things. Many thoughts and questions start playing in your heart.You start hating yourself…But I tell you what my friend, God is watching you and He’s in full control of your life.

You are single for a special reason that you are yet to find out. GOD has someone SPECIAL For you. So let your enemies say that you were cursed and bewitched but God will perform miracles in your life and they’ll be astonished.

So don’t lose hope, stay strong, focused, hardworking, keep trusting and praying to God and be preparing yourself to receive that person that God is soon gonna send to you.


By: Alex Anthony


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