2baba Opens Up On Deal With Campari


Nigerian Top rated music legend, Innocent Ujah Idibia professionally known as 2baba has made a mark in the global music scene proving how he understands music business and how to be a trend setter with good lyrically contents.

The celebrated music act is one of the most decorated and successful Afro pop artists and bankable musician in Africa today.

In an exclusive interview, 2baba shared his experience as a judge on the Voice Nigeria competition and recent deal with Campari among others.

Being the official Brand Ambassador to Campari, how does that make you feel?

It makes me feel honoured, and also gives me a great sense of responsibility, because there are so many things expected of me; project the right image, responsible image that the brand represent. I am happy about the whole deal.

How connected have you been to the brand?

I have always been a lover of good African blended drinks; I am very connected to brand.

With the bitter taste Campari drink has and Nigerians arguably don’t like bitter things; how do you intend to market it?

It’s not actually bitter, everyone’s taste buds are different from one another (e get some people now wey be say, some drink wey sweet, dem go say e over sweet), so for me its herbs, it’s a blend of different herbs, so it definitely has that herbal taste.

Why did you accept the offer?

The company is a responsible firm and I have equally done my findings about the brand before accepting the offer. Also for the Campari brand as a whole, this is not my first brush with Campari, I’ve been a Campari fan for some time, I mean as long as I can remember. When I came of age, I’ve been a fan of Campari most especially a number of cocktails, so when this offer came, I gladly embraced it. Was your acceptance based on the brand or the monetary value attached to it? Everything join (na that one you wan make I talk originally).

2baba 2
Will Campari be the official drink at your club?

2baba is different from rumors club but definitely, I mean Campari is not looking at only rumors, it’s looking at everywhere that alcohol beverages is being presented. Rumors is one of the places, no doubts it’s going to definitely feature.

With a little percentage of alcohol, how do you intend to preach the gospel of drinking wisely?

Yes definitely, that’s why I said it’s a very responsible company; we’ll definitely promote responsible drinking. But one thing is where two or three people are gathered to jubilate, celebrate success, or whatever there is always something to cheer with because different drinks can be mixed with. At parties, most of the cocktail drinks are mixed with Campari but we have a marketing and business team that will ensure that we will educate the Nigerian youths on how to drink responsibly. This will be achieved by organizing educating and motivating programmes.

What makes Campari a different brand?

(Laughs) I think it’s because of the richness in flavor (if you they drink am sef, e go be like say you dey drink Jedi, or medicinal something) its herbal, and for me that’s the selling point. How long is your deal with Campari going to last? I intend to partner for as long as it takes. READ ALSO: 2Baba lands 3 endorsement deals in one month (photo) How has the experience been as a judge on the Voice musical competition? It’s been awesome seeing that we have a lot of potential talents in Nigeria; being on the show has open my eyes to so many things, bearing in mind that I was never up for any competition as an artiste; I started off with like-minded people who shares the same passion as I do. Been a judge equally has been easy basically because you get confused at some performances as to whether to be in support or not of a particular contestant because they all are amazing.

What do you look out for in every contestant’s performances?

I look out for their craft, delivery, lyrics and it goes on; I don’t judge by appearance because it can be deceptive and remember that we don’t even get to see the contestants while performing until they are done. We get to their voice when performing; as a musician, I know what to look out for immediately you start singing.

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